Vaccine Delivery this last weekend

We have been notified more vaccine was delivered to Barnstaple at the weekend.

We hope this means another 63 doses we can use at Hartland and if confirmed we will use them this week, likely on Friday morning again.

As mentioned before, we have been “warned” to expect a surge in vaccine supply next week for a couple of weeks – so we hope things may speed up significantly to complete all priority groups down to aged 50. Most supply is still being directed to the vaccine centres in Westward Ho and Wadebridge and invitations sent by post, but we will use as much as we are allocated.

Current numbers:

  • 1st doses given 1038 (37% of our total patients)
  • Group 1: 0 (No nursing home patients)
  • Group 2: 183 (97%)
  • Group 3: 161 (97%)
  • Group 4: 223 (95%)
  • Group 5: 169 (76%)
  • Group 6: 161 (83%)