Private Counsellor – Belinda Shackson

Hello, my name is Belinda Shackson.

I have been very privileged to work with a variety of clients over the last 2 and a half years as a student counsellor at Hartland Medical Centre. I work with clients facing daily life struggles, bereavement, living with anxiety/ depression/illness, trauma and general mental health issues.

The client leads the way in the sessions and I always have the clients best interests at the heart of the work. I have been a client myself and I understand fully how important it is to be heard with acceptance and empathy.

Now, as a qualified counsellor I am looking to carry on practicing privately in my locality. It has always been my aim to be as accessible as I can be, within the local area that I have lived in for the last 18 years. I will be offering more competitively priced sessions, than the average at £30 per hour. I can also work with clients over telephone or Zoom.

I am based in Hartland on a Friday, sessions are also open to non patients. I work with age 16 and over.

Please direct any enquiries you may have to or contact me on 07585 334 399.
Thank you-Belinda.