Vaccine forecast – quiet week ahead

We are waiting for the systems to update, but we managed to get 48 doses of Oxford vaccine this morning. (5 bottles with “eight doses”, but they are slightly overfilled and we used every drop).

We think we are just over 1000 doses given to our patients, but there are a unfortunately still a few of you in group 5 and 6 waiting for a dose.

We are told there is no more coming for at least a week, but as you know we will not hesitate if things change.

Longer term we have been told there will be a “surge” in vaccine for the second half of March, perhaps this will mainly be sent to hubs in Westward Ho! and Wadebridge again. The feedback has been excellent for these centres, so don’t hesitate if you get the invite. We will use whatever we are given.

We are also starting to invite for 12 week second doses shortly, so things are going to remain very busy.