Around 200 doses this Friday – nearly all over 50s may be invited.

We are sending out SMS invites for this Friday morning, working our way down the list based on age.

We dont yet know how many people have already booked an appointment through the central booking system (Westward Ho or Wadebridge) so when we invite you by SMS,  please reply to the message if possible. Hopefully this is enough to reach all those aged 50 and above, as we expect a lot of the groups aged over 57 already have booked appointments.

For information, our group sizes and numbers vaccinated are as follows

  • Age 60-64 158 (86 done, 72 remaining)
  • Age 55-59 208 (28 done, 180 remaining)
  • Age 50-54 150 (12 done, 138 remaining)

We are also advised of another 100 doses expected for next week, so we can be really confident of finishing all the first 9 “at risk” groups next week.