Online Consultations and new technology

We are trying to respond to being a “socially distant” GP service by using modern technology where possible to still provide you with safe access to our GP services.

This means we are doing a lot of our work by:

  • telephone
  • email
  • text message (SMS)
  • video to your mobile phone

We will also be trying an online consultation system called eConsult.  We will “Go Live” on Monday 4th May through the link on our website. It will ask you a series questions and this will try and provide us enough information to respond directly to your request where possible. It will also try and offer online advice from trusted NHS advice websites to help you.

We will aim to provide a response by the end of  next working day and sooner if possible. If you have a mobile phone, we will prefer to respond by SMS message as this seems to link up well in our “back end”, but we can email you if you prefer.

We are especially hoping this will keep the practice and community safe when we have visitors later into the summer months, who will be wanting to escape to Devon from the lockdown for a well deserved holiday. If we can provide some forgotten medication or provide medical advice without bringing them into the surgery, then everyone should be safer.