Learning to Dispense – sorry for slow prescription times.

Wow, an “interesting” day for Me and Ruth today, as we had a crash course in dispensing medications. Its not easy, and what an amazing job our dispensing team do week in week out! It must be frustrating for some of you, so thanks for understanding. We are not quick.

We know that pharmacys and dispensarys up and down the country are working flat out as everyone wants to make sure they have adequate medications for the weeks ahead. But this means we are trying to work twice as fast, and with half the staff right now.

Thankfully everyone is still fit and well, but for safety several members of the team are self isolating to protect themselves or other staff and our patients from potential risk of infection. We look forward to their return soon.

We have again had many kind words from people today, a big thanks for your support and all your efforts to serve our wider community.

Meanwhile Aldi was lovely and quiet and very well stocked at 7.45pm on our way home tonight. We hope our surgery will catch up by next week, just like they have managed this last week.

Stay home and stay safe everyone.

Best wishes, Sam Tapsell